Amy "Firefly" Griffin

Originally from Eufaula, Alabama, Amy “firefly” Griffin accepted a work-study scholarship in hot glass at the Penland School of Crafts in NC, and respectively that same year at Pilchuck Glass School (PGS) in Stanwood, WA, Amy soon apprenticed under art glass greats for three years: including William Morris and Shelley Muzylowski Allen. It was during these apprenticeships that Ms. Griffin initially began blowing/sculpting anatomical body parts such as the heart, pancreas, liver, and spine. The artistic advice given to Ms. Griffin was to make what defines you. Create it a thousand times, and a thousand more. Hone in on all aspects of it and the medium of glass will begin to echo You.

Glass permits me to create a “dance” with heat, color, silence and feathered sound ... pulling me gracefully in and swaying me back out - a push and pull of all the elements; rhythmically shaping itself with gravity, heat and paper. Glass initiates movement from the soul space of heart: the strongest and most fragile organ in the body. My cups, bowls, feathers anatomical sculptures and Kinetic sculptures alike share that vibrant passion to live, breathe, and simply be. With an abstract eye, open heart and forever curious soul the glass art that I create is a symbol of my knowing.

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