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Michael Lancaster & Barbara Harnack

Press inquiries

Michael Lancaster

Artists submissions:

We have a standard policy for submitting your artwork for representation at Calliope. This applies to everyone.

We do not accept:

  • slab wood art

  • art made from kits

  • Beadwork

  • imports

  • pipes

Already Showing in Madrid? We can only accept your art if you have been out of your current gallery relationship for at least 2 months. We value our artist relationships. (This practice may vary with smaller items bought wholesale at which point it is up to the artist’s discretion as to whether or not to have exclusivity in Madrid).

All submissions should be emailed to . Please send no more than 5 jpeg. Images no larger than 1.5 MB each at 125 dpi to 300 dpi.

Include an artist's statement and a link to your website. If you are making small craft to wholesale please state that in your email. Please include your terms in your email, i.e. minimum order, delivery time etc. We will select small pieces that may be purchased wholesale as gift items, but our focus is on American Craft and Fine Art. You may also send a disc with the same on it but we would like a link to your website. If we have selected your art before submission, then we have already reviewed your art and your resume and believe we can sell your art. Thank You


2876 HWY 14

Madrid, NM 87010