Meet The Artists

Our artists have been selected for their art, professionalism, passion and because their self expression melds with our mission: Art is an experience and we offer a collection of art that creates happiness, introspection, human experience and opens the viewer to a world of mystery and exploration of their own life.

Michael Lancaster

Owner/ Founder of Calliope.

Born in Sarasota, FL Michael grew up in an arts family, the son of portrait painter Betty Warren, and actor Stuart Lancaster, Michael is the great-grandson of Circus magnate Charles Ringling. He apprenticed in pottery at Red Rock Pottery. “I am inspired by machines, relics, patina and color.”


Barbara Harnack

Owner/ founder of Calliope

Her art is raw, real, expressive of the human and surreal condition of life. “For a lifetime I have been a ceramic sculptor, which meant I was painting (or glazing) on my ceramics. I have transferred this painting onto panels. This process of carving and drawing on panels has forced me into a physical engagement of expression.”


Mitch Berg

One-of-a-kind - New Mexico mixed media, found object assemblage, glass artist and creator of experiential art.

He is a self-taught artist based in Albuquerque, NM. With a degree in journalism (University Wyoming, 1986) and a background in radio, and tribal textiles, storytelling is a central component to his mixed media  sculpture.



My work comes from my subconscious, a web of encased memories, dreams, and emotions, some stemming from early childhood. Everything within seems to be connected in an associative, color-coded pattern. When I’m ready to work, I try to access that place in order to begin. Nothing else matters, just the composition of color, texture, shape, and emotion.


Bonnie Teitelbaum

I paint original works using acrylic paints. There are many layers in my paintings
starting off with a strong under painting. I then sandwich layers of paint between pours of clear gel. This provides a clear barrier for light to travel through the different layers giving a sense of depth, like looking into a tidal pool.  More layers applied becomes lighter and more transparent.


Darlene Olivia McElroy

"For me, creating art is like reading Turkish coffee grounds. A story is revealed as I look at the surface, texture, and color. Moving around the canvas, I can see the past, present and future of the creation."


Terrell Powell

Each day I let my inspiration and intuition guide me. Paintings and sculptures are the results.


Lori Dorn

I think being self taught has been good for the most part - in some ways has made me more fearless when it comes to creating


Bessy Berman

My work is almost always textured although at times stamped and I think of it as having a painterly quality which comes from my painting background.


Rick Phelps

My work , like me, is an amalgam of influences and experiences. My imagery is a composite of Pop, Punk, Folk Funk and other vernacular traditions. I try to live and make art according to an ethic grounded in sustainability and environmental awareness.



Jennifer Lamprey

I love it when jewelry surprises me and invites me to look deeper. When I see a piece and think, “wow, that is so unique, whimsical, funky, unusual”, “I’ve never seen anything quite like that before”.  These are the pieces I delight in discovering and the pieces I am called from within to create.


Glass permits me to create a “dance” with heat, color, silence and feathered sound .. pulling me

gracefully in and swaying me back out - a push and pull of all the elements; rhythmically

shaping itself with gravity, heat and paper.