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Special Exhibits 2023

Updated: Mar 2

This year marks our 5th anniversary in August and we feel very fortunate to be here! Business has grown - each year surpassing the previous. Of course we also survived the pandemic. We especially thank both our incredible artists and all the collectors who supported us. For this fifth year we happen to have five exhibits and a studio tour

April 8 – May 8

“Live in the Layers”

Lori Dorn

Come join in a celebration to kick off our 5th season and meet Lori Dorn. Opening reception April 8 from 4-6PM or later with food and beverage and live music by Johnny Lloyd. Lori will be exhibiting all new work. Transformed from her Hollywood lifestyle where she was a top head shot photographer of almost every celeb we have ever heard of to an abstract visionary living in New Mexico's Art Mecca of Madrid. Her large scale abstract paintings draw your eye and curiosity in a way that you just want to keep looking, while her smaller scale abstract figurative pieces will open your soul. (more)

May 13 – June 19

“A Trip to the Fun House”

Tim Weldon

June 24 – August 1

“Moments In Time”

Bonnie Teitelbaum

August 5- September 22

“Mysterious Reflections”

Barbara Harnack

Barbara Harnack - Turquoise trail

Studio Tour September 23-October 1.

October 7- November 16

The Lunacy of Pumpkin Spice”

Rick Phelps

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