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Special Exhibits 2023

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

This year marks our 5th anniversary in August and we feel very fortunate to be here! Business has grown - each year surpassing the previous. Of course we also survived the pandemic. We especially thank both our incredible artists and all the collectors who supported us. For this fifth year we happen to have five exhibits and a studio tour:

Lori Dorn

Tim Weldon

Bonnie Teitelbaum

Harnack Studio Tour

For current and upcoming exhibits scroll down or click the link above.

April 8 – May 8

“Live in the Layers”

May 13 – June 19

“A Trip to the Fun House”

Tim Weldon

On Saturday May 13, from 4PM to 6:30PM Calliope will host an opening reception for “A Trip To The Fun House,” mixed media art by Tim Weldon of Galisteo. The event will feature food & beverages, music by Lucy Barna, and the sensational, carnival and circus themed found object art by Tim Weldon.

Tim Weldon began his creative ventures working in a club, owned by Boz Scaggs in San Francisco in 1984. He rose from Road Manager to a sound engineer and traveled the circuit working with numerous bands and musicians, for over a decade and eventually landed back in San Francisco and co-owned a music studio. In repainting equipment he discovered a love for both painting and found object art. His first inspiration was from the famed outside artist Bill Traylor, whose freedom to self express from his inner child awakened something in Weldon that brought him back to his “inner child.”

His art ranges from childlike paintings to intricate found object assemblage often leading the viewer on a journey into the realms of fun houses, carnivals and circus. His colors are unabashedly primary. The result is a simple revisit to childhood and toys and the realm of make believe.

June 24 – August 1

“Moments In Time”

Bonnie Teitelbaum

On Saturday June 24th, from 4PM to 6:30PM Calliope, 2876 Hwy 14, in Madrid, will host an opening reception for “Moments in Time,” the paintings of Bonnie Tetelbaum of Santa Fe. Food and beverages will be served and the show will remain on display through August 31st.

Bonnie Teitelbaum has shown across the country from Hilton Head, SC, to Santa Fe, in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Her multi layered acrylic and resin paintings have been featured in many New Mexico publications. They evoke a feeling of the complex natural world.

“I create paintings with a sensual beauty, using nature and its diversity as my inspiration. These abstract paintings reflect my inner landscape and intention to spark an internal dialogue. I want to conjure up the unexpected that interrupts the reality of daily routines. That thoughtful moment of contemplation.”

Barbara Harnack

"Unexpected Reflections"

August 5th - September 18th

“Her ceramic figures, once fired, evoke the same response: “their 'scars,' intentional and otherwise, imbue them with humanity and compassion.” Ceramics Monthly, 'Barbara Harnack's Archetypal Tribe,' March 2007, by Hollis Walker (former editor Pasatiempo, Santa Fe, NM).

On Saturday August 5, from 4-6:30 PM, Calliope Gallery in Madrid, NM, will open an exhibit of new works by sculptor/ painter Barbara Harnack. The exhibit will remain through September 18 and will be followed by Barbara's Turquoise Trail Studio Tour exhibit the last two weekends in September (9/23-10-1).

Barbara Harnack and her husband own Calliope in Madrid, NM. Founded to showcase artists of NM, Harnack allows herself one exhibit a year to release new works. Known internationally for her ceramic sculptures, she also blends her art with mixed media ranging from steel to found objects. She began adding painting to her repertoire around 2015 after she and her husband released an award winning children's book. Her paintings, ranging from large canvases to incised and painted door panels, have caught the eyes of collectors from Santa Fe to Holland, and Greece. Her work has been published in periodicals and books in the United States and Korea. In 2006 she established the Harnack - Lancaster Award for Innovation in the Ceramic Arts through NMPCA, (New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists).

Her new mixed media ceramics follows an enhanced vision of what she has been expressing for decades: A sense of the “depth of being human, the inner self, and the compassionate being.” Her paintings are a quantum leap into a realm of supernatural beings and a magnetism of unexplained phenomena.

Barbara Harnack - Turquoise trail

Studio Tour September 23-October 1.

The Lunacy of Pumpkin Spice - The art of Rick Phelps

On Saturday October 7, from 4pm to 6:30pm Calliope will host a special opening reception for renowned paper artist Rick Phelps, titled “The Lunacy of Pumpkin Spice.” The exhibit/ installation will be shown through November 13.

Pumpkin Spice Barbies? Nostalgic Pumpkins? Skeleton Canaries in the Mine Shaft? These and other magnificent paper creations will all be part of this installation. Rick Phelps, Santa Fe paper artist, has worked on this exceptional exhibit for half a year. When asked to define the work he replied “The Moon sheds light on an uncanny valley of dolls, or fetishes, or are they effigies? Which do you prefer to imbue with significance? Is projecting onto inanimate anthropomorphic objects art? When do fads become trends? Does the spice of the season

taste like nostalgia? “

Phelps magical creations are sometimes referred to as paper mache and he recently was given a traveling exhibit in Axle Contemporary sponsored by The International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe. The Santa Fe exhibit was in conjunction with “La Cartoneria Mexicana, The Mexican Art of Paper and Glue.” He regularly shows his highly collectable paper animals at Calliope in Madrid, including baby chicks and pink pigs made from menus, Longhorns made of business envelopes and stamps, humming birds of cookie packaging and candy wrappers, snarling life size chihuahuas, and Day of the Dead skulls. Pieces in this installation can be purchased and collected. The title of the show is a reflection of the season: Halloween, pumpkin spice, Day of the Dead, the coming Annular eclipse, and nostalgia in America. Rick swears he can never complete the installation he has begun, but he will keep making it right up until it opens.

Martha Jo Benson - A Pop up show - December 16,

Noon to 5PM. "Martha Makes Magnificent Bolos." Martha

Benson has made one of a kind jewelry and wearable art

for decades. Her designs range from antique collectable

found objects and steampunk to lavish and exotic pendants

and broches in high craft and and elegant finishes. Martha

Is a Nonagenarian, but her designs are fitting for all ages.

Come join us for cookies and Holiday beverages and

celbrate this magnicent atist.

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