John Stevens


The Coexistence of Color, Texture, Shape, and Emotion

My work comes from my subconscious, a web of encased memories, dreams, and emotions, some stemming from early childhood. As an artist with bipolar disorder, and legally blind, my art is highly influenced by my emotions. My art reflects where my mind is in a moment in time—be it depressed, relaxed, angry, or at peace. Everything within seems to be connected in an associative, color-coded pattern. When I’m ready to work, I try to access that place in order to begin. Nothing else matters, just the composition of color, texture, shape, and emotion.

Click to see complete image and details.   ** Denotes available artwork.

JStevens_#58_38x46_2019 **
JStevens_No.30.2020.Q **
44" x 42"
JStevens_No.56.2020W **
48" x 50"
JStevens_No.57.2020.B **
44" x 46"
JStevens_No.59.2020.P **
48" x 50"
JStevens_Study with Green_15 **
60" x 60"
JStevens_Untitled No. 31__2019 **
30" x 30"
JStevens_Untitled No. 34_2019 **
44" x 44"
JStevens_Untitled No. 35_2019 **
48" x 48"
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