Barbara Harnack

“All my life I have drawn. I can remember drawing in a book as a child. I was convinced my drawings looked just like the rabbits and squirrels running by in the book. I was four years old. Later I encountered that scribble in the childhood book. To my delight it was raw and sincere.

Now I am a grown woman. The same things that spoke to me then are real today: an allegory left to the viewer to interpret, humanity in figure but expressed in abstraction – raw and sincere. What I see in my mind is a brief map of where my drawings and paintings might begin. For a lifetime I have been a ceramic sculptor, which meant I was painting (or glazing) on my ceramics. I have transferred this painting onto panels. This process of carving and drawing on panels has forced me into a physical engagement of expression. I don't want to be too informed, so as to allow the artwork to manifest independent of a preconceived image. This is where I live: in between my thoughts and my art making.” - BH

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Flower Face-
Raku Fired Ceramic
Raku Fired Ceramic
Raku Fired Ceramic
I Remember That Kiss
Raku Fired Ceramic
B Harnack Small Feat ** 17 x 12
B Harnack Sanctuary ** 38 x 18
The Fisherman's Daughters **
Two Figures **
Flower Girl **
Briarwood **
I Hold You Close **
Raven Vase **
Loving the Leopard **
Horizon Line
raku fired ceramic 18" x 16" x 8" (SOLD)
Listening to Red
mixed media 14.5" x 13" x 8"
mixed media on incised panel 32" x 42"
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